Princess Thimbelina in 2015-16 Season

GIANT Puppet Show - Princess Thimbelina

Princess Thimbelina

Princess Thimbelina exemplifies you can find happiness if you have belief in what your heart tells you to be true.Holli Rubin as Princess Thimbelina

Hans Christian Andersen narrates his classic fairy tale of Thimbelina, the little girl no bigger than your thumb — so small she could sit atop a thimble.

Thimbelina and her menagerie of animal friends are featured in our original musical adaptation. All of the classic characters are in this play: Mumford Mole, the Frog, Angus the Bird, Miss Spider and the Prince of Sunflowers. The production features our trademark GIANT puppets, fanciful costumed characters and live actress Holli Rubin as Princess Thimbelina!

Arts in education support materials for educators available. Marketing support for presenters available.

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About the Show

  • Audience: Age 10 & under
  • Length: 55 minutes
  • Localized Opening Vignette: Yes
  • Post-Show Demonstration: Yes
  • Arts in Education Component: Yes – Study guides, teacher workshops, student workshops

Bits ‘N Pieces in Thailand at the International Puppetry Festival


On Nov. 1, Bits ‘N Pieces will travel to Bangkok, Thailand for the Thailand International Puppetry Festival.

The World Puppet Carnival with the Government of Thailand and Sema Thai Foundation organize the spectacular Harmony-World Puppet Carnival in Bangkok. Over 100 productions from 80 countries from all over the world perform and compete in exotic Bangkok. Thailand is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and home of the famous Thai Traditional Puppet Theatre.

There will be shows, videos, and films that appeal to children, family or adults that range from big spectacles or small shows. The festival is the perfect place to see the talents from around the world in Bangkok.