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Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theatre shows featuring the famous nine-foot-tall puppets may be presented at a variety of venues. Indoors or out, in a community facility or onsite at schools, the GIANT puppets are unforgettable. They make an excellent live theatre experience and a great school field trip event.

Arts in Education

All GIANT Puppet productions come with a customized Activity Guide to help students focus on the objectives that meet your education standards. Add one of our custom workshops to your event to maximize the educational value of this unique cultural experience.

Previews for Presenters

Take a look at one of our GIANT puppet show previews!

Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theatre is eager to bring the excitement of live theatre combined with the magic of puppetry to enchant the children in your area. Theatre is good for the mind and inspires our children to reach for their dreams.

Call us, email us and book a show!

Discuss our available dates, workshop opportunities and the best way to make that dream come true. Working together, we can enrich the lives of children today and brighten the world of tomorrow. Call Executive Director Jerry Bickel at (813) 659-0659 or email Jerry now.


Activity Guides for Traditional Puppet Shows: See our traditional puppet show activity guides to expand the experience beyond the PuppetWorld stage.

Arts-in-Education Materials for GIANT Puppet Shows: Classroom and activity guides are available for every giant puppet show.

PR & Marketing Kits: Easy-to-use templates for media releases and calendar site posts that promote your show. Call (813) 659-0659.

Teacher Evaluation: Download, print, complete and send the evaluation form to us to help us better serve our audiences. Teachers get a bonus gift when they send in their form.

Tech Riders: Call us at (813) 659-0189 to get the latest tech rider for your show.