Princess Thimbelina



Princess Thimbelina, a GIANT show

Princess Thimbelina finds happiness by believing  in what her heart tells her to be true.

Hans Christian Andersen narrates his classic fairy tale of Thimbelina, the little girl no bigger than your thumb — so small she could sit atop a thimble.

Holli Rubin as Princess ThimbelinaThimbelina and her menagerie of animal friends are featured in our original musical adaptation. All of the classic characters are in this play: Mumford Mole, the Frog, Angus the Bird, Miss Spider and the Prince of Sunflowers. The production features our trademark GIANT puppets, fanciful costumed characters and live actress Holli Rubin as Princess Thimbelina!

Thimbelina On Tour

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About the Show

  • Audience: Age 10 & under
  • Length: 55 minutes
  • Localized Opening Vignette: Yes
  • Post-Show Demonstration: Yes
  • Arts in Education Component: Yes – Study guides, teacher workshops, student workshops

 Downloads for the Show

“A Princess is born so small she can sit on a thimble!”
“Thimbelina meets the hoppy green toad from France”.
“A Sparrowhawk teaches Thimbelina why to fly away for the winter.”
“Mr Mole needs Thimbelina’s encouragement to grow.”
“Princess Thimbelina and the Butterfly Prince are ready to step out and meet!”
“Princess Thimbelina greets the Sparrowhawk!”