The Selfish Giant’s Garden

Summer Tour begins May, 2019

“The Selfish Giant’s Garden”

“The Selfish Giant’s Garden” is an abridgement of Oscar Wilde’s original fairy tale.

There was once a giant who lived in a castle with a beautiful garden full of peach trees. He left one day to visit an ogre who lived far away. He was gone for many a year. The townspeople, thinking he would never return, let their children play in the peach orchard as if it were their very own park.

Suddenly after seven years, the giant returned. He was surprised to see children. He hadn’t invited them. He chased them away. Angry, he put up a sign that said “No Trespassing!”. He built a tall wall to keep them away. He thought he would be happy keeping his garden only to himself. He discovered he was wrong.

The giant grew lonely. Cold winter came to the garden. Then the frost, the snow, the wind and the hail came to the garden. There was no laughter. There was no happiness. One day the giant realized there was no Spring. Outside the garden it was sunny and warm. Inside the garden it was cold and nothing would grow. The giant was sad and alone.

One day a bird flew into the garden followed by a little boy who climbed over the wall. The child had a happy warm smile. Everywhere the happy child walked the snow began to built. The giant saw the boy and his cold heart melted. He knew he needed a friend. Friendship was magic. The snow and ice melted.
Suddenly the peach tree blossomed and grew fruit. The giant and the boy shared the peaches and friendship. He would never be selfish again. The giant knew that as long as he shared he would never be lonely and always have friends.