Got No Strings GIANT Puppetry Exhibition

Got No Strings is a 5,000-square-foot exhibition of giant puppets that delights viewers and offers interactive features. This scalable exhibition has been installed in cities in the United States and Germany.

Got No Strings was first curated by John Streetman III, Executive Director of the Evansville (Indiana) Museum of Arts and Science where it premiered for 16,000 patrons in 1999.

Immediately after its two-month exhibition in Evansville, Bits ‘N Pieces GIANT puppets were shipped to Germany for the European premiere.  A huge gathering of Bits ‘N Pieces Theatre’s nine-foot-tall giant puppets filled the Munich Children’s and Youth Museum for an exciting exhibition entitled Got No Strings: Bits ‘N Pieces’ Giant Puppetry. More than 6,000 German children, their families and their teachers were introduced to the company’s puppetry magic. During that residency in Germany, Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theatre also presented performances of its Aesop’s Dinosaur and Ant as well as puppet-making workshops. (See the video on our YouTube Channel.)

Got No Strings Museum Exhibitions

Attendees at the giant puppet exhibitions are fascinated by Master Puppet Builder Holli Rubin‘s work. Puppets from Got No Strings have been featured in shows at:

  • Henry B. Plant Museum, Tampa, Florida
  • Munich Children’s and Youth Museum, Munich, Germany
  • Museum of Arts and Science, Evansville, Indiana
  • Norton Museum of Art, Palm Beach, Florida
  • Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa Florida

A Look at the Creative Process Up Close

This delightful participatory exhibition documents the puppeteers’ creative process from conception of a show through rendering, construction, rehearsal and production. In addition to the giant body puppets the inclusion of many smaller puppets, character costumes, and selected set pieces permits viewers to experience close up the entire range of artistry which goes into the making of the characters and sets as it can never be seen from the audience. Strolling through this fanciful population of exotic giants as they might a springtime garden, exhibition-goers pause among the puppets and admire the artistry — the sculpture, costume, and design — revealed in each of the fantastic creations.

Got No Strings Interactive Exhibit

Like old vaudevillians, these puppets have tales to tell of their many years on tour, and thousands of one-night stands; of clapping throngs and broken limbs. Good times and exciting times have left their magic marks upon these world travelers. At the exhibition’s three work stations museum-goers explore one of the giant puppets currently under construction – try it on, move its mouth and wiggle its nose; watch a video about the company’s creative process; and make paper puppets of their own for fun.

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