About Bits ‘N Pieces

Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theatre is dedicated to influencing the world of tomorrow by enchanting the children of today. Through the theatrical retelling of classic children’s stories, each with its own unique life lesson and moral, Bits ‘N Pieces brings to life the magical wonderment of children’s fantasy and reinforces the core values long told and emphasized by great storytellers.

The Great Travelin’ Show –
GIANT Puppets on National Tour

From script and design to actual building and choreography, it takes two years to produce one complete giant puppet production. Yet, each season, Bits ‘N Pieces continues to bring forth a new musical production of high quality children’s theatre. Shows featuring the magical nine-foot-tall puppets may be seen in a variety of venues and settings during the touring season. The company tours extensively throughout the United States and makes international appearances under the sponsorships of cultural exchange programs with Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.

PuppetWorld™ Playhouse –
Home to Tampa Bay Puppet Shows

Thousands of children have experienced the art of puppetry with Bits ‘N Pieces’ Master Puppeteers at the beautiful PuppetWorld Playhouse since its opening. Traditional puppet shows based on classic children’s literature are presented throughout the year with a full repertory of puppetry styles from around the world including hand puppets, marionettes, rod puppets, and shadow puppets. In addition to performance and workshop space, the facility gives visitors an up close look at the GIANT puppet exhibition and puppet-building studios. It’s an ideal venue for school field trips and large groups. Can’t make it to PuppetWorld? We’ll bring a show to you. Call (813) 659-0659 to arrange a performance at your location.

Arts In Education Programs

Each of our musical productions is adapted and specifically developed to complement and enhance the educational curriculum of the nation’s elementary school systems. Education booklets are made available to sponsors to supplement that community’s teachers’ plans. Bits ‘N Pieces also offers a variety of workshops and residencies for teachers and students as hands-on learning experiences. More information on workshops and residencies.

Award Winning

Bits ‘N Pieces’ combination of imagination, artistry, and hard work have made it an award-winning representative of Florida arts at home and abroad. Recognition of its achievements include:

  • The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games’ Cultural Olympiad’s Regional Designation Award for Innovation and Excellence in the Arts
  • The Arts Council of Hillsborough County’s Award for Excellence in Arts Education
  • The award-winning Art Off the Wall television series about artistic process (see the video on our YouTube channel) featuring Artistic Director and Master Puppet Builder Holli Rubin
  • The Florida Theatre Conference Distinguished Career Award in Children’s/Youth Theatre presented to Executive Director Jerry Bickel.

International Cultural Exchanges

Bits ‘N Pieces first participated in international cultural exchange programs in 1988 – the same year it began presenting international puppetry artists to children in Florida. Since then, we’ve traveled to countries throughout Europe and Asia presenting our unique form of American artistry.

  • 2010, Czech Republic, World Association of Puppeteers Assembly (Director, Public Relations)
  • 2009, Japan, NyuDouGuMo Theatre, Love and Courage Tour
  • 2009, Czech Republic, Juror, 12th International Festival of Puppet Arts (Prague)
  • 2008, Czech Republic, Juror, 11th International Festival of Puppet Arts (Prague)
  • 2007, Czech Republic, World Association of Puppeteers Assembly (North American Councilor)
  • 2005, Czech Republic, 9th International Festival of Puppet Arts (Prague)
  • 2003, Czech Republic, 7th International Festival of Puppet Arts (Prague)
  • 1999, Germany, Munich Kinder und Jugend Museum
  • 1998, Germany, Exhibit 2000! Conference presentation and workshops
  • 1996, Japan, NyuDouGuMo Theatre, Love and CourageTour
  • 1995, Taiwan, ROC, Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center
  • 1994, Japan, NyuDouGuMo Theatre, Love and Courage Tour
  • 1993, Japan, NyuDouGuMo Theatre, Love and Courage Tour
  • 1992, Taiwan, ROC, Puppet Festival of Asian-Pacific Rim Area
  • 1991, Taiwan, ROC, China Youth Corps Residency
  • 1990, Trinidad, West Indies, Rainbow People Tour
  • 1989, Hong Kong, Caption Festival
  • 1988, Singapore, Youth Arts Festival

Our International Guests

  • 2007, NyuDouGuMo Theatre, Japan
  • 2005, Linders Butterflies & Company, Belgium
  • 2000, NyuDouGuMo Theatre, Japan
  • 1999, The Forman Brothers, Czech Republic
  • 1995, NyuDouGuMo Theatre, Japan
  • 1994, NyuDouGuMo Theatre, Japan
  • 1993, I-Yuan Puppet Theatre, Taiwan, ROC
  • 1992, Mr. Yang Feng, Fujian Province, China
  • 1992, Puppet Theatre Bacu, Azerbaijan (USRR)
  • 1991, I-Yuan Puppet Theatre, Taiwan, ROC
  • 1990, Rainbow People Children’s Theatre, Trinidad, West Indies
  • 1988, Mr. Masaji Teresawa, Japan

Support Bits ‘N Pieces

Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theatre is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. We rely on contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations and public agencies to sustain our programs today and to ensure our future. If you would like to make a contribution to Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theatre, we appreciate your donation. Please contact us.